The mission of Josh Cares is to provide companionship and comfort to children enduring lengthy hospitalizations without a family member who is able to be with them consistently. Josh Cares Child Life Specialists serve as surrogates for, and links to, the families who would be by their children's sides if they could.

Please take a moment to view our video to gain a better understanding of the important work that we do:

Special thanks to Rebel Pilgrim Productions for the creation of this video.

The Need to Do More

While we at Josh Cares are very proud of our efforts to ensure that children do not have to face their time in the hospital alone, there remain far too many times when we are not able to help. 

At current staffing levels, our Child Life Specialists mostly cover weekday shifts—a critical time when patients are often enduring frightening and/or painful medical procedures for which they need support to cope. But we know we need to provide even more time each day with our patients, whether they are facing an immediate crisis or not. 
We urgently need your help so that we can provide more coverage during the evening hours between dinner and bedtime and throughout long weekends. The team is currently restructuring their weekly schedules to improve coverage during these long and lonely hours. In the long term, we know we need to hire several additional Child Life Specialists so that we can be there to support these children during any waking moment we are needed. We can only do this with increased support from the community. 


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