Meet Presley

Presley is the youngest of triplets. His parents live in Northern Kentucky and have a very close knit family and support system. At the time his mother was pregnant with him, they also had 2 sons, ages 2 and 4. During her pregnancy they knew that Presley was not getting the nutrients he needed to develop and thrive. He was not expected to survive the pregnancy. When the triplets were born,they were all tiny, but Presley was by far the smallest, weighing only 1 ½ lbs. The family was told Presley only had hours to live.

Presley was rushed to Cincinnati Children’s, the only hospital that could care for a baby that medically fragile. Despite the bad prognosis, Presley was a survivor! He remained in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit for 4 months until he was strong enough to go home. All this time, his parents were juggling the care of the other two premature babies and their older two sons. The four year old had broken his leg right before the babies were born so he needed extra care, too. All of this was simply too much for the family to manage and they just were not able to get to the hospital to spend as much time with Presley as they would like. The family is extremely grateful to Josh Cares for keeping them connected with all that was going on in Presley’s life and for making him feel loved so that he could develop as a baby his age should. Presley is now 2 years old. He has endured many surgeries and more lay ahead, but his family is reassured that if they ever have a problem preventing them from being at the hospital with him again that Josh Cares will be there help him.

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